Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe with manual transmission. This is eight!

The BMW 850 CSi was the top of the line for the 8th generation E31 series. However, he surpassed the representative of the Alpina brand, which was created on its foundations and even today can inspire with its style and skills.

BMW currently offers a wide range of designs within the 8 model range , which are complemented by sharp M8 versions . In the 1990s, the situation was significantly different in the case of the Model Series 8 with the internal designation E31, and the carmaker offered only a two-door coupe with petrol eight-cylinder and twelve-cylinder fork. Although prototypes of the convertible and the M8 model were created, they did not go into production.

If you are interested in a more exclusive and more powerful version of the 8 Series, you could head to one of the modifiers with your coupe, among which, in the case of the BMW brand and its top coupe, AC Schnitzer was the leader at the time.

In addition to this option, there was another option in the form of a visit to the Alpina dealership and ordering its B12 5.7 Coupe model. Although it is based on the 850 CSi model, alpina4sale it was not created as an additional modification of the finished car, but it was produced from the beginning in close cooperation with the BMW carmaker. The engine and a number of other components redesigned by the Alpina brand were delivered to the production line. Subsequently, the car was completed in Buchloe, where, among other things, interior work was carried out.

Thanks to this, the Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe is a specific model that has only 57 produced copies. Not only because of this, it represents a truly rare and exclusive representative of the first generation of the BMW 8 Series, although at first glance it may seem that it is practically no different from it.

n the case of the exterior, really minimal visible changes have been made, which is, however, typical of the Alpina brand. The most significant change in appearance is the hood with a number of vents behind the taillights and the NACA entrance in its center. The distinguishing features include gold stripes on the body and wheels in a design typical of the Buchloe brand. The uniqueness of the car was enhanced by its equipment, materials used and workshop processing of the interior.

Major changes took place under the hood, where the twelve-cylinder fork S70B56 headed with a volume increased from 5.6 l to 5.7 l and a number of other modifications, which had the highest power of 306 kW (416 hp) and torque of 570 Nm. The initial design of this engine for the BMW 850 CSi offered 280 kW (381 hp) and 550 Nm of torque

The Alpina B12 5.7 Coupe is a more perfect car in virtually every respect than the default BMW 850 CSi, as evidenced by the specimen that RM Sotheby’s has included in its auction. This particular car was produced as the twenty-first of the aforementioned total of 57 cars and has been preserved in perfect condition to this day.

Among the advantages of this car may be the fact that since 1993, when it was delivered to its first owner, it has covered only 9074 kilometers. In addition, it boasts a six-speed Getrag manual transmission, enhancing the enjoyment of driving in a large coupe with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 300 km / h. This car will be headed under an auction hammer on February 5 this year in Paris and is expected to change owners for an amount from 300,000 to 350,000 Euros